Our Inventor

In order to maintain our inventor's privacy, the nickname Hex will be assigned. HMGCs are not Hex's first and only patented invention.  Together with a colleague, Hex designed, and in 1996, patented the first spring loaded self-lacing shoe, a concept that had first been depicted in 1989 in the movie Back to the Future II.  In 2008, Nike, Inc. patented the Mag II, Nike's first functional self-lacing Back to the Future shoe, and in 2011, Nike donated $4.7 million dollars from the sale of its Mag design to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.

In the years 1999 and 2000, Hex provided the patented spring loaded shoe design to Nike.  Nike returned Hex's design, apparently unopened, and denied any interest or involvement.   However, in 2008, when Nike filed its Mag II patent, despite a legal requirement to disclose all known relevant designs known as "prior art" to the patent office, Nike made no mention of Hex's design.  In fact, it was the U.S. patent examiner that had to notify Nike that Hex's patent was relevant prior art.  Within Nike's published 2014 patent is an asterisk located next to each of the ten patents which the United States Patent Examiner cited, because Nike had not.

Nike continues to pursue commercialization of its Mag II design, which Nike has now renamed "the Hyperadapt 1.0," but both designs remain pricey, and despite the substantial advancements in science since Hex's 1996 design, Nike's substantial resources, and ten years of research and development, Nike's Mag II and Hyperadapt shoes just don't have the same instant zip effect that was first depicted in the movie.  Nike has pledged to rely on its Mag II design to help the Michael J. Fox Foundation eliminate Parkinson's disease within their lifetime.

After Hex discovered Nike's October 21, 2015, letter to Mr. Fox, Hex contacted Nike to propose a gentleman's bet, open to all, to develop the Mag III by October 21, 2035, with the winner of the bet being the one who donates the most profits therefrom to Parkinson's Research, or the one who makes the most substantial pro se scientific advancements to eliminate, in some way or completely, Parkinson's Disease within our lifetime, whichever occurs first, but Hex has yet to hear back from Nike.  Air-O-Fusion will update this post as required.