Mission Statement

Air-O-Fusion was formed in 2015 to develop and market a grow substrate that is made of its own waste.  The waste is produced as a by-product of growing food, nutraceuticals, and biopharmaceuticals.  By developing a substrate that is made of its own agricultural waste, a perpetual supply of food, nutraceuticals, and biopharmaceuticals could, in theory, be produced.  Air-O-Fusion’s vision is fully expressed in this United Nations video hosted by Actor Morgan Freeman.

After years of research and development, those expectations were not only achieved, they were exceeded.  By having developed a substrate that had demonstrated unique evaporation resistance properties, Air-O-Fusion secured the conservation of the most precious non-renewable resource of all, clean drinking water for generations to come.  There are no trade-offs.  Evaporation resistance does not impede substrate performance.  Evaporation resistance actually helps stabilize PH, and ultimately, this bio-engineered substrate would reveal even more of its innate mechanical and biochemical secrets.